About Us

Ningbo Jingyi Machinery Manufacturing CO., Ltd was founded in 2006, specialized in Trailer Coupler, Trailer Jack, Ball Mount, Hand Winch, Engine Mount, Tansmission Mount, Suspension, Strut Mount, Control Arm and other Automotive Rubber-Metal Parts. Our products are being exported to Europe, South & North America, East South, Asia and so on.

In light of current healthy emergency across the world, we have decided to utilize our skill with many year’s trading experience and support all of our partners over the world to fight the battle, where we build a solid relationship with manufacturers specialized in producing surgical masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, medical gloves, isolation gown and other medical devices, all these products are adhere to international standard (European,American standard etc.). For any inquires, please feel free to contact us at Jingyi04@nbjingyi.com.